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Yellowfin & Blackfin Tuna Charters

Louisiana Tuna Charters

3 per person 27inch min.

(January 1 thru March 31)


Every year both yellow fin and black fin tuna migrate across the mouth of the Mississippi to a place called the Mid Night Lumps. It is an underwater reef that is about one square mile. The north side is over 300ft deep, the south side over 400ft deep and the center of it right at 200ft deep. In an hour and a half from the dock with very little fog to fight, we can make it there, anchor up and start fishing. I suggest booking during the week to beat the crowd. Here you will have your chance of catching a 150+lb tuna. I have caught 3 yellow fin Tuna over 150 in one day, (made it in a little late that day). Normally we are using cut bait and chumming off the back of the boat. The bite can be fast and up close, however some days the bite is slow for everybody. If you want you chance at a trophy tuna this is the time to come. Make sure you have warm clothes and are ready for a fight of a lifetime.

(April 1 thru September 31)

This time of year the tuna are more predictable. The average size is 60 to 80lbs with an occasional 100+lb being caught. These fish put up quite a fight, sometimes lasting over an hour. We are running between 70 and 100 miles offshore to fish giant floating oil platforms with no pressure from other boats.

  Yellowfin Deepsea Fishing Trips 

We fish anywhere from 1,000 to 6,000 feet of water. During this time, we switch to using a lot more live bait and do some kite fishing. On over 90% of our Tuna Charter Fishing Trips this time of year everyone on the boat caught at least one nice tuna and a lot of the charter Fishing trips two a piece along with one or two other species. Also, this is the time to take a 24 hour trip. Most nights we stay out at the platforms well lit and fish until the boxes are full. This is the best trip we have to offer, and we can almost guarantee fish. Lots of the nice size yellow fin are caught on top water plugs at night. I have been doing this for a long time and nothing gets me more excited than seeing an 80lb tuna explode on a top water plug off of a casting rod.

(October 1 thru Novenmber 31)

The tuna seem to spread out more in open water this time of year. The tuna are starting to spawn around the mouth of the river.   We start to fish our shallow platforms and open water The run is not as long and the fish are bigger. We start to fish our shallower platforms. The tuna are chasing schools of bait fish along the continental shelf. It may be anything from ballyhoo, mullet, poggies, or others, if you get on the right school you can catch there all day.

(All of December)

We normally take the boat out of the water to get it back to 100%. However, if you can bare the cold and the weather is good we can put the boat in the water just for you!

For more information regarding these Tuna Deep sea Trips in the Gulf of Mexico, contact us.

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