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RED SNAPPER – South Louisiana Fishing Charters

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Limit 4 per person, each fish is a 16 inch minimum

(April 31 thru October 31)

The first couple of weeks is always the best for giant Red snapper. The fishing stays steady through the whole season. It picks up again in October a lot of times if we have a bad storm season. We use both dead (poogies, sardines, mackeral, cut bait)  and live bait.  There are hundreds of rigs and wrecks loaded with Red Fish. A lot of my friends dive these areas all season long. They try and keep me informed on where the hot spots are through out the summer. We fish anywhere from 60ft to 220ft. depending on the current and water temperature. Louisiana Offshore Red Fish Charter Fishing Trips in Grand isle, venice, and Port Fourchon Louisiana.

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