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No Limit on Wahoo Fishing

(Jan 1 thru April 31) and (Sept 1 thru Nov 31)

giant wahoo
This time of year the fish are bigger. Averaging around 40lbs. We do a lot of high speed trolling around rigs, reefs, and wrecks, mainly with artificial baits. This time of year the fish are very active. We have several triple and quadruple hookups. The action can be fast and furious. We had more than ten fish break 90lbs in 2006.

(May 1 thru Aug 31)

The action stays hot but the average size fish is a little smaller on average. We catch a lot of the fish around grass lines, oil rigs, and floating debris.

These fish are well known for their initial run, screaming drags and total chaos first thing in the morning is always good. Be ready to reel, because these are one of the fastest fish in the Gulf of Mexico.

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