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Trout – Redfish Fishing Guide in Louisiana

Light tackle fishing in Port Fourchon and Grand Isle, Louisiana: Speckled Trout, Redfish, Drum, Sheepshead, Flounder and others. We fish along the Beaches, in the marsh, over sunken wrecks, and rock piles.
Winter rates October thru March on 25ft. Blue Wave
1-2 anglers – $550
3 anglers – $650
4 anglers – $750
Summer rates April thru September on 25ft. Blue Wave
1-2 anglers – $650
3 anglers – $725
4 anglers – $800
 26 foot twin vee catamaran -summer time only- fishing the Islands and close rigs
(call for pricing) 225-445-1005 Capt. Lance Walker
Tips are appreciated (we work hard to make sure you enjoy your trip)
When it’s calm we, fish the front of the island. You can catch Trout, Redfish, Mackerel, Flounder, Sharks, Catfish and more during the summer. When winter comes,  the canals and inlets off the bays will fill up with giant redfish, specked trout and flounder. The inshore fishing and deep-sea fishing goes on all year. South Louisiana has an abundant amount of different species unlike any other place in the world!
The normal trip leaves the dock at safe light (6-7:00a.m.) from Port Fourchon Marina or Bridgeside Marina and returns around (12-2:00p.m.).
The destination depends on the current activity of the targeted species.  You could be fishing the beaches of Grand Isle and Elmer’s Island for the summer time specks or hitting the inland reefs, canals, ponds and cuts for Specks or Red Fish.
We offer you some of the best Speckled Trout fishing and Bull Red fishing charters in Port Fourchon and Grand Isle, Louisiana. Come down and enjoy a guided fishing trip of a lifetime with the experienced charter captains of Fish Commander Guide Service!

 One of the most targeted fish we have here in Sportsman’s Paradise is known as the Speckle Trout. No one will argue that the speckled trout is one of the premiere game fish in South Louisiana! Not only is it great table fare but it is a terrific top water fighter! When hooked, the speckled trout will give you quite a show as it dances & thrashes wildly on the surface.

Speckled trout are known by many different names such as spotted sea trout, specks, yellow-mouths, and paper-mouths. “Specks” are found throughout the entire gulf coast & are easily identified. They are silver in color with olive-green tints on the back and numerous small black dots which extend over the dorsal fin and into the tail. The lower jaw is larger than the upper jaw which has two prominent canine teeth.

In general, specks have an elongated body with a large mouth. The diet of speckled trout consists of  shrimp, & small fish such as pogies and croakers which we commonly use for live bait. . There are a variety of ways we fish such as artificial lures like top water, plastic grubs, & flies also. The average size is 14-18″ & weigh 1-3 lbs with an accasional 9-10lb.

Specks like shallow coastal areas near sandy & mud bottoms. The months best for this fish are end of April till August.  It is not uncommon for our guests to limit out on fish day after day. That’s 25 speckled trout per person. Then again for the winter from Nov. to Feb. An we also catch a few numbers of Flounder and redfish while on these trip. These fish are excellent stuffed with crab meat and baked in the oven or on the grill. South Louisiana has abundant bays and lakes that fit this description. Our fishery is among one of the best throughout the entire gulf coast!

Grand Isle Louisiana (Red fishing) The Redfish is known as one of the hardest fighting fish along the gulf coast. The Redfish is very distinctive in it’s red and bronze color with a black spot on the tail. Some even come with more black spots on them that give them a little more of a trophy look to the angler. We catch lots of bull reds during the winter time. They get the name bull red from there fearce attack of the bait and long hard fight.  These fish just don’t give up and will fight all the way to the fish box. Light Tackle is the way to go for the ultimate fishing adventure.

These guys will give you a glimpse of their bronze back just before making another run away from the boat. Redfish thrive and are therefore plentiful here in the marsh and costal waters of South Louisiana where they can be fished year round. Depending on the season, they can be found anywhere from the shallow marsh ponds to the deep oil field canals. Redfish are known to be one of the easiest salt water fish to catch here in the marsh. You’ll catch big Reds using artificial baits which resemble minnows to live shrimp. When fishing with a buddy, doubles are not uncommon.  Louisiana fishing regulations allow a limit of 5 fish. All must be above 16″ with only one over 27″. Pretty impressive numbers as far as size goes. . We also catch redfish going up to 40 pounds on light tackle.

Grand Isle Louisiana Flounders are considered “ambush predators.” Instead of actively pursuing their prey, they lie and wait in areas that are likely to concentrate or disorient small fish or shrimp. From their position on the bottom, flounders pounce on these animals as they move by.

Because of their feeding habits, large numbers of flounders will concentrate in good ambush areas. Especially productive are current-swept points and channels that serve as choke points for tidal currents.Southern flounders take live bait, jigs, or even spoons that are fished near the bottom. Because their mouth opens side-to-side, rather than vertically, small hooks will produce more hook-ups than large hooks. Grand Isle Louisiana Black Drum Fishing
The black drum is black and silver in color. They have black lines along their body which run up and down. They both live in the same waters and eat the same food small crabs, minnows, shrimp, grass snails. The Red fish is a excellent meal fixed which we call on the half shell and put on the grill. We catch these fish year round and give a angler the fight of there life.  

Grand Isle Louisiana Sheephead are found all along the gulf coast. They are marked with 5-7 wide greyish black verticle stripes set on a light grey or white background. They spawn in Febuary, March, and April. They are caught near rock jetties, pilings, wreckss, and offshore oil rigs .  Commonly ranging in the 2lb.-8lb. range and can get up to 20lbs. Our expert charter captains have years of combined experience fishing for Speckled Trout and Redfish in the marshes of Southeast Louisiana. We take care of you before during and after your charter to make sure you have a trip you wil never forget.

What to Bring? Trip essentials such as sun screen, camera, food and any beverages that you want.  Along with an extra ice chest and some ziplocs for your catch. Please, no hard soled shoes on the boat. Maybe some rain gear just in caseAside from fishing, the inland marshes of South Louisiana are full of wildlife.  You will enjoy a full day of cruising the marshes in search of your prey all the while enjoying what Louisiana has to offer. The fishing usually ends around 2:00 PM where you return to Bridgeside Marina where you are welcome to relax and enjoy the evening while your fish are cleaned and bagged for your ride home.  We fish 20-24 foot bay boats with top of the line equipment all rods, reels, bait and tackle provided by your captain

Come fish with us and make a memory of a lifetime. Out of state fishing license cost is $5 dollars at any sporting goods store that sells fishing license.

You can order your FISHING LICENSE over the phone at 877-945-4236 for $8 dollars.

For more information regarding Redfishing – Trout fishing in Grand Isle, contact us.

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