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Marlin Charter Fishing Trips in Louisiana

sailfish Fishing Trips Louisiana

(Jan 1 thru March 31)

Tuna Fishing Charter Louisiana
Sailfish / Blue and White Marlin – offshore Charter Fishing. The water is still a little cold but I have caught one on New Years Day before. While this is not the best time of year for billfish, they are still out there.

(April 1 thru Nov.31)

You may not catch one every time you try but, dedicate a whole day to billfishig and you will have a good chance at one. There is no other excitement better than having a thousand pound marlin ripping drag , splashing everywhere, and jumping clear out the water over and over again. Most of our fish are caught trolling. In 2006 we landed a 200+ lb marlin on a 50lb leader live baiting for tuna. In 2005 we landed a Blue marlin that weighed over a thousand pounds. Most of our action is around the full moon so if you want to chase the big one let us know ahead of time so we can give you the best chance at a trophy of a lifetime. We do practice catch and release so make sure your camera is on board.

OFFERING  a variety of Offshore Charter Fishing Trips in Grand isle, venice, and Port Fourchon Louisiana.

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