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Grouper - Louisiana Deep Sea Fishing Guide Service

Grand Isle, Venice & Port Fourchon GROUPER Charter Fishing Trips

Grouper Charter Fishing - Grouper (Gag, Scamp, Black, Warsaw)


Grouper (Gag, Scamp, Black, Warsaw

(January 1 thru November 31)

There are many different species of grouper. April is probably the best month, but they are caught year around. Fishing for these species is very similar to snapper fishing. Live or dead bait on the bottom, sometimes a jig may entice them also.  We have caught quite a few of the top ten state record groupers including a recent world record. It may seem like your reeling in a car, but I promise there will be a fish on the end of the line.

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Saltwater Offshore Charter Fishing Trips in Grand isle, Venice LA, and Port Fourchon Louisiana.

Tuna Fishing, as trolling, live bait, chumming, rig, wreck, and my favorite kite fishing. On an average day, you will have an opportunity to catch anything, including tuna, snapper, wahoo Fishing, cobia, marlin, mahi mahi Fishing, amberjack, sharks, and many more.