Snapper - Dorado Fishing Trips in Louisiana

May 31st, 2012 No comments

We are getting ready for the opening day of snapper season. The snapper are everywhere overpopulating the Gulf of Mexico. It should be quick and easy to catch your limit of giant red snapper. The Dorado fishing has been incredible for the last 2 weeks. It seems like no matter where we are, the fishing has been productive. We are still catching several yellow fin tuna well over 100 pounds, which is a little uncommon for this time of year.

We did really well on both day charters and night charter fishing trips. This is one of the best fishing years I've seen for a long time for the yellow fin tuna. The rip has been forming up every couple of days. It is just a matter of time before it gets right again. When it was formed up right, we caught some nice wahoo and dolphin off of it. I also caught a nice 350 pound blue on Wednesday live bait fishing. We stopped on the way in 2 or 3 times to try to catch a grouper, but there were too many snapper there to get the baits down. We have been doing really well with the mangrove snappers, adding variety to the boat each charter fishing trip.


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Yellow Fin Tuna - Blue Marlin Fishing Report

May 13th, 2012 No comments

The last two weeks of fishing has been incredible. The yellow fin tuna have shown up everywhere. We are still catching a few over 100 lbs. Live bait has started showing up everywhere. We caught 2 blue marlin last week over 400lbs. We did 2 overnight Charter Fishing Trips and loaded the boat with tuna We had to fight through the sharks a few days but managed to fill the box every day. The grass lines are trying to form and should come together with all of this good weather coming. We caught a few wahoo fish and dolphin last week. It was tough getting down to the amberjack with sharks attacking the baits on the way down, we just added some extra weigh and slung the hardtails down deep. We also stopped for mangroves and they were everywhere. The cobia have really started showing up wherever the water is clear. I'm fishing the next 10 days straight. I will post some pictures next time I'm home.

Yellow fin - Blue Marlin Fishing Trip

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Yellow Fin Tuna Fishing Report

April 24th, 2012 No comments

I've had a great couple of days last week.  We started off Thursday morning pretty early and headed out in search for some yellow fin tuna; had a hard time finding bait on the way out.  An hour and half later we arrived at our destination and started chumming; got a few fish up-landed 1 and lost 1.

The next drift the sharks started showing up.  We went to start our thrid drift and an old friend Capt. Billy Wells showed up and offered me some incredible live bait.  I can't thank him enough-he really saved my day.  We put out the live bait and it was "fish on" one after another.  We boated 10 more yellow fin and decided to start fishing for some amberjack.  We caught a few nice ones on live bait and a few on jigs.  We started making our way back to Grand Isle and ran across some black fin  jumping.  We boated 2 black fin and then headed back to the dock.  We had a great trip and I was looking forward to my next trip with Warren the next day.  We all took off early that morning and managed to put some live bait in the live well.  We spent a lot of time catching bait then we headed out back offshore.  When we got out there we went 3 for 5 for yellow fin and then it was back to more sharks.  We grabbed some bait again from Capt. Billy Wells and spent the day catching sharks.  We headed to go try for some amberjacks and caught more sharks and few jack crevalle. We managed to catch a few amberjack also.  We decided to head for some mangrove snapper but the water ended up being really dirty and it had a lot of current all around the river.  We decided to call it a day and talked with Warren on the run in, about our upcoming snapper trip for June.  The fishing has been hot and we are not having to run very far out to catch some days.

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We Leave of Bridgeside Marina in Grand Isle, La.  Grand Isle has a lot to offer- beaches, restaurants, bars, and lots of wonderful Deep sea fishing in Louisiana.

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Charter Fishing Trips in Louisiana

March 16th, 2012 No comments

Hunting season is over and it’s time to get back on the water.  I spent the last few months hunting all over the country, including Alaska with my buddy Clark Dixon.  We have been filming for a new show that we are part of called “The Syndicate” which will air on the Sportsman Channel this fall.  We were able to take some incredible animals including a giant grizzly bear, wolf, caribou, and some giant rainbow trout.  Alaska was the most incredible experience I have ever had. I was also lucky enough to take 3 whitetails over 140 with a bow and 1 over 160 with a gun.  It was an incredible year and I will never forget it!


I made my first Charter fishing trip out to the Midnight Lump yesterday.  We left out of Bridgeside Marina in Grand Isle at 5:30am and we arrived at the Lump around 7:00.  It is right at 50 miles from the marina to the Lump.  We chummed most of the day.  There were only a few times during the day the fish came up in our chum slick.  3 out of the 4 times we hooked yellow fin tuna, 1 weighing around 140 pounds.  We fought the fish for over 2 hours.  He fought like he weighed well over 200.   We also got a few black fin and a couple of amberjack.  I tried dropping down deep a few times and all we caught were red snapper and a giant shark.   The big yellowfin tuna   are at the lump right now.  Seems like the chances of catching a big fish are better during the week. There was a 237 pound yellow fin tuna brought back to the dock earlier this week that was caught at the lump.  What an incredible fish!  That was only a few pounds away from the state record.  Call us today for Deep Sea Fishing Guided Charters in Grand Isle,  Louisiana,  I can still fish most of the areas that I used to fish out of Venice  And, I can still have the option to fish the  Green   Canyon , which is an incredible fishery.  Check me out at my or give me a call today to book the trip of a lifetime! I also have lodging available right across from the beach.  I am very passionate about the outdoors.  I’ve spent my life hunting and fishing year round since I was a kid.  Check out Trev Gowdy’s Monster Fish’s episode called "Monster Wahoo!” featuring  Capt. Lance Walker out of Grand Isle, "Louisiana's Best Kept Secret".


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