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Dorado Charter Fishing on the Gulf Coast of Louisiana

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No Fishing Limit

(Jan 1 thru March 31)

The water is a little cold but you do catch one on occasions.  Most of the fish are in warmer water way offshore.

(Apri 1 thru Nov. 31)

The smaller chicken dolphin show up first with a few bulls also. The action stays hot all summer long. These fish put on quite a show, jumping clear out the water several times. We do a lot of trolling chumming and live bait fishing for them.  They are one of the most beautiful fish and very tasty. If there is a good rip or grass line they will be on it.

Fishing Charter Dordo
These fish grow faster than just about any other species. At times when you hook one fish, dozens will follow it to the boat. This makes easy pickens as long as your ready when they get there.

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